The weirdest pregnancy facts that will make you cringe

The weirdest pregnancy facts that will make you cringe

Pregnancy. It’s supposed to be the most beautiful and magical time of your life. I mean, you are growing a life inside of you; what’s not to love about that? Read on and find out. I dare you not to cringe at number seven.

Baby brain

Pregnant women have less oxygen in their blood which causes forgetfulness.

Sympathy weight gain

Scientists around the world have studied the weight gain of fathers during their spouse’s pregnancies. It’s a real thing.

Sorry baby, no one can hear you scream

Babies will cry and scream while in the womb; however, due to all the amniotic fluid, you can’t hear it.

Bloody noses and gums

Your body produces 2% more blood during pregnancy. For this reason, it’s common for women to experience nosebleeds or have bloody gums.

Growing heart

Although your heart will be filled with so much more love, that’s not the reason why it grows. It grows during pregnancy to pump all that extra blood you’re producing.

Goodbye luscious hair

Have you ever noticed how shiny and full pregnant women’s hair looks? Unfortunately, it won’t last. Almost immediately after having the baby your hair will fall out at an alarming rate.

Baby pee

20 weeks into the development of your little fetus, it will start to urinate inside of you… and then drink it.

Uterus grows 500x it’s normal size

Yup, you read that right. Your uterus will start off as the size of a small peach and will grow roughly to the size of a small pumpkin.

Heightened sense of smell

That stereotype about pregnant women is true. You do indeed get a heightened sense of smell, especially during the first trimester, to deter you from food that may be unsafe for your growing fetus.

More prone to broken bones

Towards the end of your pregnancy, your body starts to produce a lot of the hormone called relaxin. Relaxin helps to open your hips and pelvis during labor and trust me, you’ll need all the help you can get. Unfortunately, this also leaves the rest of the joints in your body softer and more susceptible to breakage.

Women who are tall or overweight are more likely to carry multiples

Are you tall or overweight? Well, you’re more likely to carry multiples so you should probably get started on those college funds now.

Feet swelling

I’m sure you’ve heard about how common it is for pregnant women’s feet to swell due to the water retention and such. Did you know that her feet can grow an entire shoe size bigger and potentially not even shrink after the pregnancy?

Weird or what?

Although you cannot unknown some of these facts, perhaps the love you feel when you’re holding your new little bundle of joy will at least make you forget about these weird facts for a while.

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