Top 20 taco places in the US

Top 20 taco places in the US

It can be hard to find a good taco place. It takes a special kind of place to make a taco that has the right ingredients, the right shell, and the right taste. Check out these top 20 taco places in the US.

1. El Coyote Charro in Mesquite, Nevada

El Coyote Charro is one of the best places to get tacos in Nevada. It’s not an expensive place, and the food is delicious. They offer tacos, taco salad, and burritos, to name a few things. They also have four salsas to choose from, from mild to hot.

2. The Spicy Spoon in Portland, Oregon

From the name, it doesn’t sound like a taco place, but The Spicy Spoon is one of the best taco places in Portland, Oregon. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they’re on Amazon Prime and UberEats.

3. Barrio Café in Phoenix, Arizona

The Barrio Café is one of the best Mexican restaurants. The chef is Silvana Salcido Esparza, and it’s because of her that the restaurant has had such success.

4. Chaia in Washington, D.C

Chaia’s saying is “farm to taco.” They use fresh, in-season ingredients for the dishes that they make.

5. El Paisa in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The first thing that you need to know about El Paisa is that the food is delicious. The second is that it’s cash only.

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