7 swoon-worthy Airbnbs

5. An apartment in Barcelona, Spain

Spain is one of those countries that you just have to visit, and where better to stay than in an apartment in the older part of Barcelona? The apartment is walking distance to any transit you need and you’re moments away from great restaurants and tourist sites.

6. Seashell house

Many of us when we were kids dreamed of living under the sea. While that currently isn’t possible, living in a seashell house is a pretty close second! This house is in Mexico, so be prepared for some fun in the sun!

7. Heritage apartment, New Delhi, India

If you’re into history this apartment is perfect for you. It’s right beside the oldest 12th-century monument in the area. The apartment is beautiful and the scenery is gorgeous.

There are so many amazing places to discover in the world; start with these swoon-worthy Airbnbs and then keep exploring.

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