20 Majestic Photos That Prove Tree Kangaroos Are The Cutest Animals Alive

20 Majestic Photos That Prove Tree Kangaroos Are The Cutest Animals Alive


It’s always awesome to find out about a new animal species that you never knew existed. Sadly, many people are oftentimes only familiar with things that live in their country/region/hemisphere and miss out on a ton of cuteness.

But the internet has helped people expand their knowledge of animals as folks all over the world share incredible photos and videos of unique animals on a daily basis.

Australia, in particular, is home to many species that you just don’t see in almost any other part of the world. For example, most people who have never visited the continent will never come in contact with a kangaroo, but they are a part of everyday life down under.

And even fewer will ever know that tree kangaroos exist. But they do, and they are nothing short of glorious.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about tree kangaroos.

Tree-kangaroos are marsupials of the genus Dendrolagus, adapted for arboreal locomotion. They inhabit the tropical rainforests of New Guinea, far northeastern Queensland, and some of the islands in the region. 

The evolutionary history of tree-kangaroos begins with a rainforest floor-dwelling pademelon-like ancestor.[2] This ancestor evolved from an arboreal possum-like ancestor as is suspected of all macropodid marsupials in Australia and New Guinea.

During the late Eocene, the Australian/New Guinean continent began a period of drying that caused a retreat in the area of rainforest,[3] which forced the ancestral pademelons to begin living in a dryer, rockier environment. After some generations of adaptation to the new environment, the pademelons evolved into rock-wallabies (Petrogale spp.),[2] which developed a generalist feeding strategy due to their dependence on a diverse assortment of vegetation refuges.[4]This generalist strategy allowed the rock-wallabies to easily adapt to malesian rainforest types that were introduced to Australia from Asia during the mid-Miocene.[2][3] 

The rock-wallabies that migrated into these introduced forests adapted to spend more time climbing trees. One species in particular, the proserpine rock-wallaby (Petrogale persephone), displays equal preference for climbing trees as for living in rocky outcrops.[2] During the late-Miocene the semi-arboreal rock-wallabies evolved into the now extinct tree-kangaroo genus Bohra.[5] Global cooling during the Pleistocene caused continent-wide drying and rainforest retractions in Australia and New Guinea.[6] 

The rainforest contractions isolated populations of Bohra which resulted in the evolution of today’s tree-kangaroos (Dendrolagus spp.), as they adapted to lifestyles in geographically small and diverse rainforest fragments, and became further specialized for a canopy-dwelling lifestyle.[7]

All that scientific mumbo-jumbo is great, but what’s most important to us right now is how beautiful tree kangaroos are. I mean, check out the fella enjoying some fresh water from a hose on a hot day in this clip.

Thankfully, the internet is laden with adorable photos of tree kangaroos living their best life just chilling in their natural habitat.

To truly understand their cutest, you must check out the amazing gallery below. We must warn you, at times, you literally won’t be able to even…


Happy Days


Credit: Unladenswallow0

Look At That Smile!

Friday feels

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The Best

Lunch Time

#Kangaroos are impressive on the ground but it’s even cooler to see them climbing trees A #joey Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo pops out of moms pouch for a quick #snack This pair was about 20 feet up when this photo was taken. A #kangaroo of the #rainforest this species has adapted to life in the trees with strong claws and forearms for climbing and a large tail for balance ———————————————–—–––——– #naturelovers #wildlife #naturephotography #naturalist #photography #mammals #mammal #naturalhistory #travel #animals #naturetravel #ecotourism #wildlife #wildlifephotography #mammalsofaustralia #Australianmammals #fauna #LumholtzsTreeKangaroo #treekangaroo #travel #worldtravel #queensland #willdlifetourism #macropod #adorbs #cutiepie @australia

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Photogenic AF

Watermelon Goals

There’s nothing like a juicy slice of watermelon to keep cool on a toasty summer’s day!

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Life Is Good

Produce Overload

#goodfellowbaumkänguru #goodfellowstreekangaroo #treekangaroo #kangaroo #känguru #animals #zookeeper #tierpfleger

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Literally Can’t Even

What’s In Those Leaves?

Broccoli Game Strong

Munch Munch! They are Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo! #eating #treekangaroo #

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Here’s Looking At You

They. Are. So. Friendly.


Squad Goals

The Tree Kangaroo. First up in this weeks theme of masters of the treetops! Now, I bet when you think of kangaroos you don’t think of them as arboreal, but the Tree Kangaroo is very much at home in the canopies of Australia and Papua New Guinea, only occasionally venturing to the ground for food or to move to a new tree. Compared to ground-dwelling kangaroos, Tree Kangaroos are stout with strong claws to help them climb. Their long tails are not prehensile, but act as a counterbalance as they move along branches. Unlike other kangaroos, Tree Kangaroos can move each back leg independently, which gives them the agility they need to move from branch to branch. Truly treetop kings! (Fact credit @care2 / @visitcanberra ) #treekangaroo #treekangaroos #treekangaroofacts #arborealanimals #arboreal #australiawildlife #papuanewguineawildlife #treetopmasters #animalfacts #animalfactsforstevo

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Salad Never Looked So Good

Hangs with Kombai #featherdale #goodfellows #treekangaroo #featherdalewildlifepark

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Passionate Eater

Lunch time#Kangaroo #treekangaroo #zoo #Singaporezoo #Singapore #Singapour

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What’s So Funny?

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If you’re anything like us, seeing these photos put a smile on your face that doesn’t project to go away anytime soon.

Check out what happened when National Geographic fitted several tree kangaroos with tiny cameras in the awesome video below!

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