10 Pictures that will make you look twice

10 Pictures that will make you look twice

Every now and again someone takes a picture that makes you do a double take. See if you can get these pictures right upon first glance.

1. The dress that took the internet by storm

Okay, I know this picture is from 2014, but it still messes with my mind every single time.

Look twice, look three times, look as many times as necessary—do you see the black and blue or white and gold?

2. Head or butt?

Imagine looking back at your baby pictures and finding this gem. Why do dads always have to be the most embarrassing?

This photo brings a whole new meaning to the insult, “butthead.”

3. At least it’s good for something!

If only it could cook me breakfast in real life…

4. CaMOOflauge

No, this bull isn’t see through, look again!


5. I don’t think the planner thought this one through

(Sun) spotted dick, anyone?

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