How to have a weekend getaway without leaving your home

How to have a weekend getaway without leaving your home

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to have a weekend getaway. Money could be tight, or schedules could not allow for it to happen, but that’s okay. You don’t need to actually leave your home to have a weekend getaway. Learn how to have one while staying put.

Set the weekend aside

Even though you’re staying at home for the weekend, like you would any other, set this weekend aside on your calendar. Don’t plan anything that you would normally do on the weekend for this weekend. This weekend is a vacation even though you’re staying right where you are. You’re unavailable to everyone and everything you don’t deem vacation-worthy. Also, make sure that you inform your friends and family about what you’re doing and that you won’t be responding as quickly to them.

Have a goal

Have a goal in mind for the weekend. Are you going to just stay in and pretend you’re in a bed and breakfast where all you’re going to do is lounge and eat food? Or are you going to rediscover your city and do some things that you’ve never done before? Decide what you’re going to do to enjoy your weekend.

Turn off your electronics

Since you’re staying home it’s still easy for people to contact you. Make it a priority to either turn off your electronics entirely or to not respond to people immediately. This is your relaxing and fun weekend getaway. You’re not supposed to be available instantaneously for everyone. Check in when you want to.

Enjoy your food

One of the best things about traveling is trying out the local cuisine. It’s hard to do that when you’re having a weekend getaway at home. In order to have some fun with food at home, either try a completely new recipe if you’re big into cooking on your vacation, or eat at a restaurant (or order in) where you’ve never been before. The newness of the food will help remind you that you’re on vacation and give you something new to enjoy. The best part of this is if you really like it you can get it anytime you want.

Have fun

The whole point of a weekend getaway is to relax and have fun uninterrupted. It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do as long as you’re having a good and relaxing time.

Weekend getaways are fun, but you can have just as much fun having one without leaving your home. Enjoy your time away from it all, even while staying put.


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