33 Photos of how Facebook rose from a dorm room to global domination

33 Photos of how Facebook rose from a dorm room to global domination

There are few success stories like that of Facebook. From it’s meager start in a Harvard dorm, Facebook is now on phones and computers worldwide.

Facebook is now worth an incredible $364 billion with over 1.71 billion monthly users. Here’s the story of how founder Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook grew from a student’s start-up in 2004 to its global domination today.

1. This is Harvard’s Kirkland House dorm, the first home of Facebook.


Wikimedia Commons

2. In 2003, Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg created a Hot or Not – style program called Face Mash. Using pictures of fellow students hacked from the administrator’s office, the site got 22,000 page views in its first four hours. A few days later, Harvard shut the site down.



3. Despite disciplinary action, Zuckerberg was not expelled from Harvard. On February 4, 2004, he launched TheFacebook.



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