Will makeup confuse the iPhone X’s facial recognition?

Will makeup confuse the iPhone X’s facial recognition?

Apple has once again managed to make gains with their latest iPhone.

Have you ever thought, “Gosh, the effort it takes to type out a pin code is just too taxing!” Apple’s iPhone X aims to make life even easier for users.

With the new “Face ID” feature, users can unlock their phone simply by looking at it. How is this possible? Through the phone’s new facial recognition system.

The concern is real

But wait, I don’t look the same every day!

Makeup users, there’s no need to worry. Apple’s got you.

For those of you worried that any aesthetic addition to your face, including any makeup application, sporting a beard, or having glasses on will prevent you from being recognized, rest assured it won’t.

The facial recognition software is just that good.

Skeptical? Don’t be.

If you’re wondering how the face recognition feature works, Apple thought ahead and answered several questions on their Face ID Security document.

The face ID software takes a geometric analysis of your face when you first set it up. After that, with every log-in, biometric data is collected and Face ID registers any change in appearance. As a result, if you’re wearing makeup or your hair is different, whatever the change is, the phone will recognize you.

How to start

Hold the phone in front of your face and it will do a thorough scan. All angles will be captured.

After you do it the first time and the phone registers your face, you no longer need to repeat the process.

Afterwards, to use your phone, hold it up and it will read your face. If recognized, it will unlock. If not, there will be a buzz of rejection.

Hackers, exit stage left

The iPhone X has been carefully thought through to prevent hacking. Previously, with the fingerprint reader of the iPhone 5, hackers were quickly able to figure out ways to break through. As a result, Apple discontinued the feature.

A photo of a person will also not be able to unlock the phone, as the system only detects human attendance.

Express yourself

So, if you want the new iPhone, go ahead and get it. You needn’t be afraid to wear makeup, grow that glorious beard, channel your inner Sasha Fierce, or look lit AF, for you will have no problems logging in to your phone.

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