Will iPhone X’s facial recognition be able to tell twins apart?

Will iPhone X’s facial recognition be able to tell twins apart?

Did you know that there’s a one-in-50,000 chance that someone who isn’t you could unlock your cell phone with their fingerprint? Not cool. If you had the opportunity to increase this number to one-in-one million, would you? The iPhone X’s new facial recognition software decreases the likelihood of someone breaking into your phone, that is, unless you have a twin of course!

A history of facial recognition software: Apple vs. Android

People who are freaking out over the iPhone X’s new facial recognition software always seem to leave out the part about Android introducing this idea with the Galaxy Note 7 (yes, that phone that kept blowing up on airplanes). That’s right, your beloved Apple iPhone X was not the first to introduce this concept, but it is slightly different.

One of the major problems people have with Android’s facial recognition software is that it can’t differentiate between a face and a picture. This means that anyone could hold up a picture of you and unlock your phone.

The Apple facial recognition software

Looking to avoid the same ill fate of the Android facial recognition software, Apple has taken direct steps to tackle this challenge. The iPhone X introduces infrared scanning that uses a 30,000 point dot matrix in order to create an entire map of your face. Cool, right?

Apple’s Kryptonite…twins

While the technological mapping advancements on the iPhone X eliminate the photo problem, they don’t erase the issue of someone who looks similar to you, let’s say…identical. That’s right; there are multiple videos on the internet that have been showing identical twins being able to unlock their sibling’s phones. Not a big deal for us normal people, but an unwelcome invasion of privacy for twins.

Put to the test

You might be thinking “prove it,” but we don’t have to because Mashable already did. The online media company tested two different sets of twins and the results don’t lie. In both cases, only one twin registered his or her face on the phone. Both twins could successfully unlock the phone, proving that Apple’s facial recognition software isn’t as high-tech as people originally thought.

Will we ever get to a point where our phones can recognize us, even if there’s someone who looks identical to us? Who knows, but for now, twins will just have deal with the fact that their sibling can break into their phone and there’s nothing they can do about it.

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