The top 20 dumbest questions people asked Google

The top 20 dumbest questions people asked Google

Google has become the place where we ask questions that we can’t ask anyone in real life. These questions are usually the dumb ones that we should know, but we just don’t. Google, however, logs all of these questions, so, here are the top 20 dumbest questions people have asked Google.

1. Where do lost socks go after they go missing from the dryer?

This is a question that everyone has wondered at some point in their lives. Where the heck do the socks go? It’s almost like a toll you pay to use a dryer. The one thing we do know, however, is that Google has no idea either.

2. Am I pregnant?

There are a couple of different ways to figure out if you’re pregnant or not. You can take a home pregnancy test, for example, or go to your doctor. What you can’t do is ask Google. This is just one thing Google doesn’t know.

3. Is there a pill that’ll make me gay?

The short answer to this is no. But, we do have a question for this person. Did they miss the memo that you can’t make people or stop people from being gay? They just are. Just like others are born straight.

4. Do they have toilet paper in Canada?

Umm…yes. Canada is our neighbor to the north, and it’s a first world country. They definitely have toilet paper and they even have flush toilets. Will wonders never cease!

5. My girlfriend is pregnant, but we didn’t have sex; how is this possible?

As soon as we read this our first thought was, “Oh, honey.” This question is just another reminder as to why sex education is so important. This kid is not only dumb but being taken for a horrible ride. If Google was a person he/she would feel terrible delivering the information this kid was seeking.

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