Top 20 autocorrects that will have you on the floor laughing

Top 20 autocorrects that will have you on the floor laughing

Autocorrect is the bane of everyone’s texting existence. The number of times that autocorrect writes “ducking” instead of the word that we really want is beyond frustrating. However, there are times when autocorrect results in hilarity. These autocorrects will have you on the floor laughing.

1. When you accidentally talk to your mom about oral sex

It’s mad awkward when you text your mom about a haircut appointment, and instead of blow dry, your phone autocorrects to blow job. #mortified.

2. When you need to meet somewhere specific

It’s always important when you’re meeting someone to set a specific place. This place, however, is just a little too specific, and incredibly weird.

3. When you’re just driving around

While we do wonder just how autocorrect got a goat from a Fiat, what we’re really wondering is what it would be like to drive a goat.

4. When things take a deadly turn

Sometimes autocorrect takes a bit of a morbid turn, and try as you might, you just can’t correct it.

5. When swearing isn’t an option

Everyone swears in text messages, and apparently, autocorrect doesn’t like it. You know you swear too much, though, when your whole message doesn’t make a lick of sense.

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