TBH is the #1 free app for teens on iTunes right now

TBH is the #1 free app for teens on iTunes right now

TBH is the newest and hottest free app for teens on iTunes right now. They can’t get enough of it. It’s so popular, in fact, the company that makes it is having a really hard time keeping up with the demands for it.

What exactly is TBH?

TBH stands for “to be honest,” and it’s an app that allows you to remain anonymous and answer questions about your friends. At first glance, it sounds a bit dangerous because as we all know, anonymity and the web usually brings out the negative and mean side of people. However, unlike other apps that had the same sort of premise, TBH doesn’t allow you to make up your own questions. You can only answer the questions that the app has created, which means that the questions are positive ones.

How does it work?

TBH works like any free app does. You download it and make an account. Once you have an account, you can find your friends on the app. When that’s all set up you can start answering questions about your friends.

Since the app creates all of the questions, they’re positive ones. You’re given a choice of which friend you think is the best answer to the question. After you answer, the friend that you pick receives a notification saying that he or she is the answer to a question. While you might know that you picked your friend, your friend will not because it’s anonymous. It’s a way to make people feel good and find out what your friends think about you.


Where is it available?

It’s currently only available in some states, and only on iTunes. The app became very popular really quickly, and the company that designed the app, Midnight Labs, is trying to catch up with the demand. They’re currently working on getting more server bandwidth and tech support. To give you an idea of how quickly this app gained popularity, the app had two million users sign up in a matter of weeks.

While TBH might seem really silly and pointless, it’s actually a lot of fun for teens. It’s a way for them to engage with their friends in a positive way that won’t lead to bullying. It also makes people feel good. It’ll be available everywhere in the US shortly.

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