Smart desk learns your habits and increases your productivity

Smart desk learns your habits and increases your productivity

Taking care of yourself is hard enough – now stack on your day’s worth of work and remembering to eat falls to the end of your priority list.

Before you know it the day is done, you’re starving, your back hurts, and it’s time to head home and do it all again the next day. It’s only fair your morale and productivity take a hit.

But don’t you fret; technology has brought you a solution.

There’s now a smart desk that learns everything about you, from when you need to eat to when it’s time to have some water. It’s the ultimate workplace solution that makes you work harder without feeling like you’re putting in more effort.

Who wants one?

How is it so smart?

A desk that knows you better than you know yourself – how does that work?

Created by the technology company Autonomous, the Smart Desk 3 organizes your work tasks and your life, helping you streamline daily tasks that usually clog up your workday. Talk about working smarter, not harder.

The Smart Desk 3 uses Artificial Intelligence and a built-in touchscreen tablet to learn your habits and preferences, making you more productive and increasing your focus.

Self-learning from your habits, the desk knows when it’s time for you to rest for lunch, take a seat, have a glass of water, and more.

Basically, it tells you everything you need to be a happier and more efficient worker, and all you have to do is work! Weird to think your desk could be smarter than you.

The features are pretty unreal.

Wondering how smart a smart desk can be? It’s pretty darn smart.

This desk anticipates when you’ll be hungry and can order your favorite food or snacks for you. You’ll never be hungry at work again and eating properly increases your productivity.

The desk will sync to your calendar and send you reminders that help you never miss a meeting.

Believe it or not, this smart desk can even brew your coffee without you even standing up. Just push a button and the brew starts for you.

And when it’s time to go home, the desk can call you a taxi or Uber. The desk is so helpful it even finds you a safe ride home.

It’s time to get one.

The Smart Desk 3 comes in three different colors and the starting price is only $349: a pretty impressive price tag considering it’s a desk that works for you.

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