A parrot shopped online with Amazon’s Alexa after mimicking its owner

A parrot shopped online with Amazon’s Alexa after mimicking its owner

Shopping online is now incredibly easy. You can have your browser remember your credit card information, or a website account can remember it as well. You can bookmark favorites to come back to, and have things shipped directly to your door. You can avoid shipping costs by having items shipped to the store, or if you use Amazon you can pay a onetime fee with your Prime account and never have to worry about shipping again. Then online shopping got even easier with Amazon’s Alexa. Now you don’t even have to type or log into your account. You just talk to Alexa and she’ll order everything for you. The world is moving to online shopping because it’s easy and convenient – the two biggest selling factors. But, it could be that it’s getting too easy.

When a parrot online shops

You laugh, but it really happened. A parrot mimicked its owner’s voice and started shopping with Amazon’s Alexa. The parrot, Buddy, lives in London and learned how to online shop. Obviously, Buddy didn’t realize what he was doing, but he knew enough to shout out Alexa, and then managed to order some gift boxes from Amazon. The price of the order was about $30.00, so it wasn’t too pricey of a mishap, but they’re lucky. Buddy could have accidentally ordered something much more expensive.

How does Alexa work?

Alexa is like Amazon’s version of Siri, except that it doesn’t just exist on your computer or phone. To work it you place microphones around your house and purchase an Amazon Echo, or another device that supports Alexa. It’s voice-activated and can make online purchases for you through Amazon, play your music, or search the web, to name a few things it can do. You can turn off the voice activation so that parrots (or little children) don’t buy things accidentally.

Amazon’s Alexa is a very cool and easy way to shop online. It’s also able to do other things for you to make your life easier, which everyone likes. Like all new technology, however, there will be some problems – such as when a parrot can order something online just by mimicking its owner’s voice. It’s a funny story, but it does lead to bigger questions about how safe and secure this new technology is. Happily, Buddy’s owners were not upset about the mishap and just had a good laugh about it. He’s a smart bird.

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