Who the hell created these weird Wikipedia pages?

Who the hell created these weird Wikipedia pages?

Wikipedia is the place that we now all go to when we need some basic information about anything and we do mean anything. Wikipedia has become the place that kids go to automatically for research on their schoolwork and where adults go when they need to learn something in a hurry so they don’t look dumb in front of their friends and colleagues. One of the things that makes Wikipedia so novel, however, is that anyone can edit pages or create new pages. While this originally seemed like a problem, it’s worked really well, though there are some pages that leave us wondering just who in the hell created them.

Post-mortem photography

Yes, post-mortem photography is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when you take pictures of people after they’re dead. It was all the rage back in Victorian times. After someone had died, their loved ones would get a photograph of them taken and they would keep it as a memento. At the time it was considered an entirely heartfelt gesture for people who were grieving the loss of a loved one. In the present day, however, it’s just really creepy and weird. Why would you want a picture of a dead loved one? Wouldn’t you want a picture of them while he or she was alive for you to look at? It’s very dark and twisted to look upon the corpse of your family member, or is that just us? Thankfully, this practice fell out of style, and it’s not a thing anymore.


The English language is a weird language. It’s a language known for breaking its own rules almost as often as having those rules apply. It’s also a language known for stealing words and phrases from other languages and adopting them into its fold. But, there are few things stranger in the English language then the sentence “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.” The Buffalo sentence actually makes complete grammatical sense in American English, even though you’ll probably have to read it numerous times to work out how in your head. Whoever sat down and created this Wikipedia page should be hung up by his toes because it’s weird, but it’s also frustrating because we all wasted so much time reading it and working out the sentence in our heads.

Inventors killed by their own inventions

It’s not only creative work inventing something new, it can also be really dangerous. There’s a page on Wikipedia that is simply a list of inventors over the course of history who have been killed by their own inventions. The list is even broken down into different sections in case you were looking for inventors killed by an automotive, or something on the railway, or physics. Out of all of the possible sections that could have been listed, we didn’t think that physics would have made the list, but it did. Just goes to show you that no type of inventor is safe.

Unexplained sounds

There is another page on Wikipedia that consists of a list of unexplained sounds. There are only six in recorded history and no one can explain where the sounds came from. For example, there’s one called “Bloop” that scientists think might have come from an animal, but if so it’s the loudest animal they’ve ever heard, louder even than the blue whale, which is the largest animal known to man currently. Some other scientists think that the sound might actually have been an ice quake rather than an animal, but currently, no one knows for certain.

Death during consensual sex

Death during consensual sex is a really weird page to be up on Wikipedia, but it’s there. We checked and then we read it. The list isn’t too long, which we were a little bit surprised about, but in actuality, it probably is longer than what’s been documented. We’re sure there are some people who have died during sex, but their families didn’t want the world to know about it. Some of the deaths are accidents like a woman who fell off a hotel balcony while having sex with her boss, and some of them are because of health problems like a French Cardinal who died while in a Paris brothel.

Euthanasia Coaster

Have you ever been on a roller coaster, and then thought, “You know what would make this the ultimate experience? If we all died at the end of the ride.” Of course you haven’t. It’s an incredibly weird thought. However, someone had the weird thought, then designed the coaster and then made a page about it on Wikipedia. It’s called the Euthanasia Coaster. It was created by a grad student who thought of what the ultimate roller coaster would be and then he designed it. It doesn’t actually exist; it only exists on paper – and on Wikipedia. Apparently, the G-force of the coaster is how it leaves every rider dead at the end of it.

Toilet paper orientation

When you put the toilet paper on the roll in the bathroom how do you orientate it? Is it downwards so that the next toilet paper to be used is dangling down, or do you orientate it to the top? People definitely prefer it one way or the other, but apparently, this difference warranted a page on Wikipedia. There are about 5,000 words dedicated to the two different ways you can put the toilet paper on the roll. There was even a survey done and it breaks down how people like their toilet paper into gender, age, character, political affiliation and socio-economic status. Who knew that toilet paper had the ability to tell you so much? This is one of the weirdest pages that we’ve ever come across because really, who cares?

There are some weird people out there in the world and because of that, there are some weird Wikipedia pages out there as well. It just reminds us that we’re all a bunch of weirdos.

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