Google Maps gets new video feature

Google Maps gets new video feature

If you’re a fan of Google or have used any Google-related service, then you’ve probably heard about its Local Guides program. Integrated into Google Maps, Local Guides is a fun way to share recommendations with people across the globe. Users are able to contribute reviews, photos, and ratings to almost any place in their neighborhoods.

Now, Google has launched a new feature for its Local Guides program that allows users to add videos (from 10 up to 30 seconds in length) to their location contributions.

What the heck is a Local Guide?

Local Guides is a way that Google lets you play with Google Maps, inviting you to join a global community of explorers who share tips, photos, reviews, and new places on Google Maps.

It basically gamifies Google Maps, giving you points towards the next level by posting a photo, sharing a review, or simply answering a few questions about the place you’re currently visiting or have been to in the past. There are a few perks to the program as well—Google offers related incentives in return for sharing vital data.

When did video roll out?

Google quietly launched the video feature in early September 2017, and the new features were initially reported by TechCrunch. But now, Google has started notifying users via email about this new update to the Local Guides program.

Up to this point, only photos could be attached to locations on Google Maps, but Google has started to dip its toe into the viral video market. Akin to services like Snapchat and Instagram stories, video additions to Google Maps can highlight, for example, a restaurant’s trademark table side dish being prepped with a short clip.

Up to 10 seconds of video can be recorded directly through the Google Maps app and up to 30 seconds of video can be uploaded from your camera roll. Adding a video to a place is as simple as adding a photo, with a bubble now appearing that says, “New! Hold for video.”

Videos capture moments

Google’s Local Guides program is constantly evolving and everyday contributions to Google Maps yield amazing results for businesses and consumers alike. Video content is steadily gaining popularity, so it’s a wise choice that Google is finally hopping on the bandwagon.

Moreover, Google Maps is arguably the best and most used navigation platform, so this shift to video makes strategic sense as well.

The next time you’re eating out, take out your phone and record a video of your amazing meal!

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