How to cure your smartphone addiction

How to cure your smartphone addiction

We’re all addicted to our smartphones, but how can you blame us? They take our photos, hold our favorite music, connect us with our friends; they do everything! But it’s also safe to say most of us could afford to turn it down a notch. Here some tips to keep from being a phone zombie.

Turn down the notifications

Text messages, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail…if your phone alerts you every time anything happens around you in the digital world, you’re going to keep checking it. Decide what’s really worth being alerted for, like an important work e-mail or texts from friends and turn off notifications for everything else. Those pictures someone tagged you in will still be there in an hour or two; you don’t need to stop what you’re doing to see them.

No phones in the bedroom

Most of us have a similar routine: play on your phone in bed until you’re ready to fall asleep and then grab it first thing in the morning to see what you missed. Multiple studies have shown that having your phone next to you all night will lead to a poor quality sleep. Try leaving your phone in another room overnight. Depend on your phone’s alarm clock? Go buy a small radio alarm; they’re cheap because nobody buys them anymore!

Anti-smartphone apps

That sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but the truth is there are a ton of apps to help break your smartphone addiction. What these apps do is monitor your activity (but not in a creepy big-brother government way) and give you a report of data on how you’ve used your phone over the day. It’ll tell you how many times you’re unlocked your phone, how much time you spent on certain apps, and some will even let you put restrictions on how long you can spend inside certain apps, or what time of day you can access them. Like I said, there are dozens of them, but some fun free ones include Flipd, Checky, and AppDetox. The trick to apps like these is to take note of your habits and try to lower your numbers. Unlocked your phone 200 times today? Try to limit yourself to 150 tomorrow. Two hours total on Facebook? Cut that in half.

Smartphones are obviously habit forming, but you can reprogram yourself to be less dependent on them. You’ll find life much more interesting if you spend more time on the people and things happening around you, not in your pocket.

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