Check out this smart dog crate that soothes your pet’s anxiety

Check out this smart dog crate that soothes your pet’s anxiety

If you own a dog, first of all, that’s awesome. Dogs are the best.

However, it’s likely you’ve experienced some type of dog anxiety. In fact, in the US, over 32 million dogs suffer from symptoms of animal anxiety on a regular basis.

From separation anxiety to the rumble of thunderstorms, there are dozens of things that trigger panic within your furry friends. But unfortunately, it seems like there are very few things that calm them down.

So what happens when you’re away? Every morning when you go to work what are you supposed to do to help? So many sad face emojis!

Thankfully, there’s a solution.

It’s a dog crate, but way cooler.

What started as a prototype on Kickstarter, ZenCrate is now the latest and greatest technology used to help calm dogs during times of stress.

If only they could create a massive ZenCrate for people too…

This jacked up dog crate has dozens of features, all designed to relax your pup when you can’t be there to soothe him.

There’s a ton of features.

There are so many features to this dog crate it seems easier to list them all out…

First and foremost, each crate is equipped with proximity sensors that detect when your dog has entered and exited the crate. This means all the features know when they need to be on and aren’t wasted when your pup isn’t inside the crate.

Next comes WiFi, because this crate is a doggie castle complete with internet access so it can send you text messages and emails.

Of course, this crate is complete with motion activated music sensors that play songs scientifically selected to calm dogs.

To ensure the environment remains temperature controlled, the crate is fitted with a motion activated fan.

Vibration dampening feet are designed to counter the natural vibration frequencies of thunderstorms and fireworks.

And last but not least, a battery backup is installed so the ZenCrate will continue to function even if your home loses power.

Right now it’s pretty safe to say this dog crate might have more features than the iPhone X.


Get some peace of mind.

Now that you know all the features, it’s hard not to want one for your own dog, especially because every dog parent knows he or she would do anything for his or her pup.

Getting a ZenCrate of your own will put you back $450, but the peace of mind is easily well worth the investment.

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