Would you buy one? Amazon’s selling smart locks so it can get inside your house

Would you buy one? Amazon’s selling smart locks so it can get inside your house

Have you ever made a purchase online and immediately panicked because you didn’t want it left on your front porch?

Regardless of whether it was an expensive purchase or just something sentimental, having your online purchases left on your doorstep can be somewhat concerning. What if someone walks by, sees the Amazon box, and decides to steal your stuff?

It’s a first world problem for sure.

However, Amazon has a solution and it’s hard to say whether it’s genius or taking things a little too far. But it’s Amazon, so regardless, we’re interested.

Amazon Key – the key to your online shopping anxieties.

If you want to forever eliminate your “online shopping front door dropping anxiety” the key is Amazon Key.

The Amazon Key service allows Amazon couriers to unlock your front door and safely place your packages in the security of your own home – insert sigh of relief.

This new technology relies on Amazon’s latest product, the Cloud Cam, and its compatible smart lock that work together with your home internet to unlock your front door.

The easy explanation of how this technology works.

The camera is the mastermind of this entire process.

While connected to your home’s internet, the camera communicates with the lock over Zigbee – a wireless protocol commonly used by smart home devices.


When the Amazon courier shows up with your package, he simply scans the barcode, which then sends a request to Amazon’s cloud. As long as it’s a real delivery person and it’s your package he’s carrying, the cloud allows the camera to begin recording and the courier unlocks your door using Amazon’s app.

Your package is then safely tucked away, the courier relocks the door using the app, and the entire thing is caught on camera for customers to review.

Cool, but do you trust it?

While we know Amazon is always going to push the envelope as far as they can in terms of technology, do we trust them enough to monitor our homes and even unlock our doors?

Is the idea of having our packages delivered right into our homes worth the invasion of privacy and any potential risks?

It’s definitely some food for thought.

Maybe, but let’s think about it for a while.

For the price of $249.99 you can have your own smart lock and camera delivered and installed for free; however, Amazon Key is only set to be available in 37 cities across the US. But maybe that’s a good thing: while the company expands its services, we can decide if it’s worth it in the first place.

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