A sneak peak at the world’s smallest and cheapest private jet

A sneak peak at the world’s smallest and cheapest private jet

The Vision Jet by Cirrus is the world's smallest and most affordable private jet.

It’s been more than a decade in the making, but Cirrus Aircraft is finally delivering its new SF50 Vision Jet to more than 600 buyers waiting eagerly for it.

The Vision Jet is both the smallest and affordable private jet in the world, at the bargain price of only $2 million.

The curvy v-tailed jet can carry five adults up to 1,150 miles as high as 28,000 feet. It can travel about 345 miles per hour, which can take you from New York to Miami in about three hours. Not bad!

But don’t let the ‘low’ price or tiny size fool you. It’s loaded with innovative technology; the Vision Jet is the only private plane to be built entirely out of carbon fiber and it offers a whole-plane parachute in case of emergency.

Because it’s the only single-engine private jet you can buy, operating costs remain low. It’s also an incredibly beautiful design that looks like a blast to fly.

Check out the gallery to see just how these tiny beasts came to life in the Cirrus plants in Grand Forks, North Dakota and Duluth, Minnesota.

1. Built for regional transportation, the Vision Jet is ideal for business travelers who can travel to multiple cities in a day. Or avoid commuter traffic for weekend getaways to the cottage.

Inside the Cirrus factory making the Vision Jet - the worlds smallest and cheapest private plane

Eric Adams

2. This is the v-tail, or ruddervator, rear tail assembly. The unconventional design features angled strakes the pilot controls, with two computer-controlled strakes beneath the V. Its shape let’s Cirrus put the engine on top of the fuselage which reduces cabin noise for quiet travel.

The V-tail of Cirrus Vision Jet

Eric Adams

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