5 must-have apps for pet owners

5 must-have apps for pet owners

Pet parents are crazy parents, meaning there’s likely a long list of apps on their phone dedicated to taking care of their four-legged friends.

If you’re looking for some of the best apps for pet owners, there are a lot of options to look through.

Thankfully we’ve got the top five pet apps every pet owner needs to have.

1. Dog Buddy

Staying on top of your furry friend’s health needs isn’t easy, especially in the first two years of its life when vet visits are vital. Dog Buddy is the only app you’ll need for organizing your pet’s medical needs, such as scheduled vet appointments, weight tracking, milestones, and your vet’s contact info.

2. Heads and Tails (by Petco)

Heads and Tails by Petco is the first app that lets you win money by posting adorable selfies with your pets. All you have to do is take a photo with your pet, upload it to the app to share it with friends and family, and rack up 100 likes before the end of the month. Petco will then send you a $25 gift card and donate another $25 to the Petco Foundation in your name.

3. P5 Dog Training

Training your pup can be hard, but with the Purina P5 Dog Training App, every training resource you need is in the palm of your hand. From video tutorials to tracking tools, this app helps you teach your dog basic obedience skills and tricks – plus you can track your progress and gather useful statistics.

4. Relax My Cat

Every cat owner knows felines can go from relaxed to insane in a matter of seconds, something that’s really frustrating at 2 am. Thankfully, the Relax My Cat app comes prepared with a number of tunes designed specifically for calming down cats. Whether it’s relaxing a kitten or helping your cat sleep, this app has a song for every situation.

5. Friskies Cat Fishing and Jitterbug

You’ve likely seen videos on the internet of cats playing games on cellphones or tablets. Well, this is the only app you’ll need. With bright colors and rapid movements, the Cat Fishing and Jitterbug app is sure to entertain your feline friend for hours, keeping it happy and you rolling on the floor with laughter.

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