15 funny, shocking, and weird things caught on Google’s street view

15 funny, shocking, and weird things caught on Google’s street view

6. The scuba guys

We can’t even begin to tell you what was happening here. These two men are dressed up in scuba gear with no water nearby. One of them looks like he’s chasing the other with some kind of weapon. We don’t feel bad for the first guy, however, because he’s also armed. Were they both chasing after something? Were they going to have a scuba duel? We have so many unanswered questions.

7. Man in a can

This is a man in a can – a garbage can, that is. How on earth did he get in there? Did he do it to himself or did someone do it to him? Was it a bet? How did he get himself out? There are some things that we never expected to see in life and this is definitely one of them.

8. Sex on a car

There are no such things as deserted roads anymore, not with Google’s street view prowling around at any rate. This couple decided to pull over for some afternoon delight but ended up putting on a show that they weren’t expecting. Just goes to show you that in this day and age, someone is indeed always watching.

9. Aliens

If we needed concrete proof that the aliens have landed and are living amongst us we need to look no further because Google’s street view has provided us with the evidence. This picture shows what appears to be an alien just relaxing in a chair and enjoying the sun. It looks a little bit like E.T., don’t you think?

10. Bird people

Umm…this is just weird and creepy. How would you feel if you were just walking along in the park and you came across these people just standing there randomly with bird heads on? We’re creeped out just looking at the photo. How often did the people in the Google’s street view car wonder WTF is wrong with people as they drove around?

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