15 funny, shocking, and weird things caught on Google’s street view

15 funny, shocking, and weird things caught on Google’s street view

Google’s street view is one of the handiest things to have when you have zero idea where you’re supposed to be going, and you need to know what your destination looks like. In order to give us those images, Google drove around the world filming it all. As is the case when you film real life Google caught some really funny, shocking and weird things.

1. The miracle of life

Google’s street view captured the moment that a baby was born into this world. It’s incredible that the baby was born in the middle of the sidewalk with no medical personnel anywhere nearby. The woman who delivered the baby and the mom are complete heroes.

2. The tiger

Another image that Google’s street view was able to capture is this iconic one of a tiger just minding his own business and going about his day. If we were Google’s street view we would have just kept driving. We definitely wouldn’t have wanted to attract his attention.

3. Samurai warriors

It’s fun to see what people get up to in their spare time. These guys have a really interesting hobby if this picture is anything to go off of. We hope they’re using fake weapons and quoting some famous movies while they go through their moves.

4. Hostage situation

When Google started filming the world as everyone went on with their lives it was inevitable that they would capture moments that were frightening and shocking. This is one of those moments. This woman is clearly being held hostage. We’re assuming that the person driving the Google car called the police once he realized what was going on.

5. Naked trunk man

Yes, that is indeed a naked man climbing out of a trunk. We hope that this is more of a funny thing – like a bachelor party gone wrong – than a sinister thing. But we will never know. Hopefully, he’s safe and he found some clothes quickly. It would have been a seriously interesting walk of shame home without them.

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