The workout accessories you’ll never actually need

The workout accessories you’ll never actually need

So many workout accessories on the market tell consumers that these are the latest and greatest products to use, making it feel like we need each and every one to reach our full potential. This marketing, however, could not be further from the truth.

Here are workout accessories that don’t live up to the hype.

The hi-tech water bottle

For the average gym-goer, your run-of-the-mill regular water bottle will do just fine, and you’ll survive a workout even if the bottle lacks an elaborate filter. A slew of filtered water bottles claim to keep water clean and pristine, but in reality and from a health standpoint, they fail in doing so. Overall, the water tastes the same, and the filter itself doesn’t make or break any health standards.

The filters themselves don’t actually do anything to “clean” the water or remove germs. A carbon filter might reduce certain aesthetic and non-health contaminants, such as chlorine and odor, but that’s as far as it goes. This is one product that simply doesn’t need a fancy filter – or even a fancy color.

Sports towels

Here’s another product where money is better spent elsewhere. Fancy sports towels come in all shapes and sizes and endless color possibilities, but that doesn’t mean they function any better than standard cotton material. Mopping up sweat is done just as well with a regular towel.

While the lavish chamois ones might work better with different sports, such as swimming, the majority of exercise routines only require a standard towel. Like the filtered water bottle, a fancy towel isn’t changing overall performance, meaning your money is put to better use elsewhere.

Compression sleeves and socks

These accessories are worn by athletes to assist with blood circulation, reduce lactic acid, and control the amount of muscle oscillation. Compression socks and sleeves have mixed reviews, but generally, unless you’re a super-elite runner, it’s not the most effective product.

From the calf to the arm-sleeve, results from wear are often a psychological effect versus a real feeling. It’s almost impossible to tell if the piece actually works, lacking substantial change on overall time, heart rate, and oxygen consumption. Too many placebo effects exist in the real world to counter studies in controlled environments.

Forget about it

Next time you head to the gym or a class, leave these items behind. You’ll still get a workout in without them.

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