Watch this high school volleyball player’s insane save

Watch this high school volleyball player’s insane save

Volleyball is an intense sport that is sometimes underappreciated. It takes a lot of skill, stamina, and teamwork to succeed at volleyball as this high school player can tell you.

Autumn Finney

Autumn Finney has become an overnight sensation because of her spectacular save at a high school volleyball game. The Decatur High School volleyball team was working on getting a point when they ran into a little trouble controlling the ball. Two players make fantastic efforts to keep the ball in play, but they can’t get it over the net. The ball is moving rather wildly when out of nowhere, it seems, Autumn Finney leaps into the fray and puts the ball back over the net. Her team ended up with the point.

Autumn Finney’s leap is incredible. It looks like she’s flying, and the fact that she was able to get the ball back over the net is nothing short of miraculous.

Watch her insane save below:

Response from Kerri Walsh Jennings

Kerri Walsh Jennings is a three-time Olympic gold medalist and one-time Olympic bronze medalist for beach volleyball. She ended up seeing the clip of Autumn Finney’s save and tweeted that she “could watch this all day,” and we can’t help but agree with her. Every time we watch it we’re astounded by it.

Response from Sports Center

In case you think (for some strange reason) that this is of interest to only lovers of volleyball, think again. The video caught the attention of Sports Center and other sports websites. This was the save that everyone – whether you’re into sports or not – was talking about. Sports Center even put the clip in their Top 10 segment the next day. They also tweeted about it. Autumn Finney’s intense save has garnered her some serious media attention. We’re going to assume that scouts will also be checking her out shortly if they weren’t already.

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