Tiger Woods may not return to golf

Tiger Woods may not return to golf

Tiger Woods has been making headlines ever since he started playing golf professionally. Over the past couple of years though he’s been making headlines not for his golf, but for his personal problems.

He’s back in the news again, with another personal problem–his health–and it’s leading to discussions that he might never play golf again.

A quick rundown on Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a superstar in the world of golf. He’s been one of the highest paid athletes in the world for quite a while. Over his career, he has won 14 major championships. That success does come at a price, since he’s had eight surgeries over his career.

What happened to his health?

Since 2014, Woods has had four surgeries on his back. Each surgery takes its toll, and there’s a lot of recovery time needed to get back into professional golfing shape. His latest surgery was this past April. He hasn’t fully recovered from it, and he hasn’t taken a full swing yet. He’s currently taking it very slowly and has only putted and chipped.

Is there a timeline for his return?

At the moment there isn’t a timeline for Woods’s return. He’s not even sure if he will ever be back to play professionally. He’s been working out six days a week by running, swimming, lifting, and biking. His back muscles are returning he said, but everything just takes time. He also said he wasn’t in any hurry and has been listening to his surgeon about what he can and can’t be doing.

The Presidents Cup

While Wood won’t be competing in the Presidents Cup, he will be there assisting. He has done this previously with the Ryder Cup. He has said he’s excited to be around other players and help them get the win.

It’s always terrible when great athletes aren’t able to do what they love anymore in a professional capacity because of injury. Perhaps Woods will make a comeback, but even if he doesn’t, he has contributed greatly to the sport. And with his foundations, he continues to do great things.

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