Yup, wife carrying is a real sport

And the award for the strangest competitive sport goes to…wife carrying? Yes, it exists and not just in an obscure European city, but all over the world. Think of Tough Mudder, but with your significant other on your back. A history Modern wife carrying originates from the Finnish legend “Ronkainen...
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Coverage still lacking for women in sports

Even in today’s age, it is extremely difficult for women’s sports to receive any attention. Many times women’s sports need to be filtered through a male view before being deemed worthy of airtime or other media coverage. Although mainstream broadcasts are popping up for some high-profile sports, especially leading up...
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Top 7 greatest MLB catches of 2017

Baseball is America’s sport. In a season, ballplayers play 162 games. In those 162 baseball games there are countless amazing pitches, plays, runs and catches. Here are the greatest MLB catches of 2017. 1. Kevin Pillar Kevin Pillar from the Toronto Blue Jays is known in the league for his...
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