This mom just beat the world record for marathon with a stroller

This mom just beat the world record for marathon with a stroller

Most people find the idea of running a marathon solo daunting, but this mom took it one step further. Dianna Chivakos broke a new record for running a half-marathon with a stroller in tow.

It’s race time

Chivakos ran the Baystate Marathon in Lowell, Massachusetts last Sunday while pushing her three-year-old son, Evan, in a BOB Revolution jogging stroller. According to Runner’s World, the industry bible, she set a new record for finishing a half-marathon while pushing a stroller.

Chivakos was pleased with her overall time but calls her son the real star. Evan stayed busy with an old iPhone loaded with games and apps and he had plenty of snacks, from fruit and rice cakes, to enjoy on the course.

Evan was occupied in addition to the overwhelming support he received from the other runners, who regularly passed out high fives and cheers on route. He managed to stay awake the entire run.

A new record

Chivakos finished the 26.2 miles in three hours and 10 minutes, beating out a previous marathon mom and cracking a new Guinness World Record, shortening the time by seven minutes. Former title-holder, Jessica Bruce, hails from Bristol, England. She finished the Abingdon Marathon in three hours and seven minutes while pushing her seven-month-old Daniel.

Chivakos previously dealt with stress fracture almost annually, but maintaining a two-handed grip while pushing the BOB with Evan hasn’t bothered her. She prefers shorter distances, such as the five km run, but she’s happy to bring her little running buddy on longer races.

Parents redefined

Chivakos isn’t only breaking records, runners like her are challenging traditional parenting styles. Think of dinner parties and book clubs. Bringing children to certain events is often unexpected, where most places have an unspoken “adults only” rule. Both Chivakos and Bruce shatter those stereotypes, showing they’re still going to do what they want and look out for kids.
Chivakos ran in college, and she continued to do so even after having Evan. Too often, parents feel guilty about squeezing in personal time, but as a parent, it’s critical to still balance your own needs alongside your child’s.

Go, mom!

Chivakos is an inspiration for any parent trying to balance a new life with kids. Nobody said parenthood is easy, and she’s the perfect example of being able to still do what you love and provide for your family.

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