The grossest gym habits we need to ban right now

The grossest gym habits we need to ban right now

Picture a sealed room where people gather to sweat to their heart’s desire on padded machinery and then share it with each other. Sound familiar? There’s no doubt hitting the gym is good for you, but if we’re being honest, gyms are also a giant petri dish of germs just waiting for a new body to infiltrate. Here are a few bad habits that are hurting your chances at a clean bill of health and that can easily be changed.

The smell

Just because you don’t think you sweated all that much your last trip to the gym, it doesn’t make it all right to wear those same smelly shorts again. We get it, having to wear a separate outfit every day for the gym can add to your laundry bill quite a bit, but that’s all part of the price of good health.

Barefoot showers

Admittedly, this is a pretty common mistake more of us make. It’s a shower floor; how dirty can it be? The answer: way too dirty to walk around barefoot on. It’s a whole new germ scene in shower town, as the humidity builds up in the corners and dark spots where a whole new breed of bacteria is waiting to hop on. Buy a pair of cheap sandals or flip-flops and keep them in your gym bag for this purpose.

Not wiping sweat after use

This isn’t just the ignorant people who know they sweat all over and just don’t give a damn. These are the people who think “I don’t sweat,” or “It’s okay, I’m wearing gloves/long sleeves/etc…” Even after a good wipe, there can still be germs present, so imagine all the new bacteria you’re acquainting yourself with after a few non-wipers hit the weights. Handles, barbells, dumbbells, even the racks of weights in the machine itself need a cleaning.

Locker room spread

Listen, some people are more comfortable than others when it comes to baring it all in the locker room and frankly, there’s nothing wrong with it either way, but don’t think it’s fine to put your naked, sweaty body all over the locker room, before or even after your shower. The benches are also where people sit right after their workout, so you can imagine the germs you’re contributing to on there. And the sauna? For the love of God, put a towel down at least.

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