Was graffiti on LeBron James’ L.A. home a hate crime?

Was graffiti on LeBron James’ L.A. home a hate crime?

LeBron James was the target of racial slurs after his L.A. home was vandalized. Police treating it as hate crime.

A Los Angeles home belonging to LeBron James was vandalized Wednesday morning with a racial slur, TMZ reported.

Graffiti, including a racial slur using the N-word, was painted across the front gate of LeBron James’ Brentwood neighborhood estate, but has been covered by property management, L.A. Police officer Norma Eisenman told USA TODAY Sports.

According to TMZ, “multiple LAPD units and a neighborhood patrol vehicle” responded early Wednesday morning to the home.  Police are investigating the graffiti as a possible hate crime and are looking for security footage from neighbors that may give a clue to the perpetrator’s identity.

Records show the basketball star bought the 9,440-square foot home for about $20.9 million in 2015, but it doesn’t appear that he lives there full time. It is believed that James wasn’t home at the time of the incident, as he may be in the Bay Area preparing for Game 1 of Thursday’s NBA finals.

James spoke against racism after Baltimore Orioles player Adam Jones was the target of racial slurs at Fenway Park while playing the Boston Red Sox.

“Racism, we know, exists. You try not to put yourself in a position,” James said. “For me as a father, I try to give my kids the blueprint on how life is gonna be. But at the end of the day, I can only tell them so much, and they have to go out and live it themselves. For me, I just try to be respectful, for one, respectful to others. And I feel like if you do that consistently, then I believe the karma will come back to you.”

Police have not released a report to confirm the matter as a hate crime and have not named any suspects.

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