The biggest rivalries in the NBA

The biggest rivalries in the NBA

There’s nothing we love more than a good ol’ rivalry. When you’re watching a game of basketball, the loathing you feel towards another specific team makes the game-watching that much more exciting. The anticipation of which team is going to wind up on top is enough to make your heart beat just a little bit faster every time the opponent gets a shot on the net.

Some NBA rivalries go back decades and continue on to this day.

76ers vs. Celtics

These two teams have met each other the most in the playoffs compared to any other two teams. For obvious reasons, this is bound to cause some drama. They’ve met each other 19 times, 12 of which the Celtics have won, making the 76ers fans bloodthirsty for revenge.

However, the Celtics are such a feud some group that even after 19 face-offs, the 76ers still come in second place to the Lakers on the list of the Celtics’ top enemies.

Lakers vs. Celtics

The Lakers vs. Celtics rivalry is arguably the greatest rivalry in the NBA because of how long it’s been going on for. There has been a ridiculous amount of resurgences in this rivalry, beginning in the 1959s when these two teams met for the first time in the playoffs. Facing each other in the finals almost every year of the 1960s, the rivalry was brought back again in the 1980s with the personal feud between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

The rivalry died down again in the ‘90s when the players retired, but guess what? The rivalry is back and fully alive! Facing each other again in 2008 and 2010, the wounds of old rivalries are still fresh, and you likely won’t see anyone from Los Angeles willingly saying he’s a Celtics fan out loud for fear for his life!

Knicks vs. Nets

There’s only room for one New York team in the hearts of fans which has prompted a long-lasting rivalry. Since the beginning of the Nets’ franchise in 1966, the two teams have never gotten along. The Nets are seen to have encroached on the Knicks’ territory, which allows people to draw similar comparisons between these two and baseball’s Yankees and Mets.

Of all the teams, you’d think coming from the same place would create a sense of unity between the two teams, rather than create a wedge between them. But alas, there can only be one victorious NY team – the city’s divided and the battle’s on!

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