3 times we’re pretty sure the NFL was rigged

3 times we’re pretty sure the NFL was rigged

There are times during a football game that we’ve wondered in passing if the game we’re watching is rigged. It’s usually a passing thought that we don’t give any credibility to, but what if the NFL was rigged? How would it be done? Who would have to be in on it? This is just conspiracy talk, but here are three times we’re pretty sure the NFL was rigged. Read about them and then decide if they could actually have happened or not.

1. Super Bowl XXXVI

This Super Bowl is probably one of the most common ones cited for some kind of game rigging. It’s alleged that the coaching staff for the New England Patriots accidentally taped a walkthrough practice of the St. Louis Rams. For some people, during that game it really did look like the Patriots had a very good understanding of the Rams’ offense.

2. Raiders vs. Texans 2016

A game last year where the Raiders played the Texans left many people wondering if the game had been fixed. There were several questionable calls in the Raiders favor that night and they ended up winning the game. Why would this game be fixed? The Raiders bring in a huge TV market and the NFL is interested in expanding the popularity of the sport to other countries.

3. Super Bowl XLIX

For any team that wins the Super Bowl, there’s a lot of media and press attention, which means that players have to play nice with the press. In the game, Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks wasn’t given the ball in the last minute of play to run it in. Fans were surprised. The ball was instead thrown and then intercepted. That interception gave the New England Patriots the win. The reason that people think this game was fixed is really interesting. Marshawn Lynch has a history of not being cooperative at league press events; in fact, earlier in the week all he would say when asked questions by reporters at the Super Bowl Media Day was “I’m only here so I don’t get fined.” The theory is that the league didn’t want Lynch to become MVP and score the game-winning touchdown.

Are NFL games rigged? Obviously, no one knows for sure, but these are only three instances out of many, which have left fans and reporters alike wondering if there is, in fact, something funny (and illegal) going on with America’s sport.

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