13 hilarious fitness fails

13 hilarious fitness fails

Everyone is always trying to be healthier and we have to applaud their efforts, but sometimes people fail at the whole fitness thing. Here are some hilarious fitness fails.

1. Proper attire

While it’s great that this woman is at the gym, she completely fails at the whole proper attire thing. She could easily hurt herself with those shoes.

2. Emergency rooms

There’s hilarious and then there’s stupid. These guys are definitely the latter and they’re definitely the reason why emergency rooms exist.

3. Handstand fail

We’re not 100% sure what this girl was trying to do, but we think she was trying to do a handstand on a treadmill.

4. Treadmill tumble

The treadmill is deceptively complex as this guy found out. Who knows how he could fall like this, but maybe he should walk before he tries to run?

5. Therapy time

A personal trainer is the one who’s supposed to help you get into your best shape. He or she is not supposed to be your therapist.

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