What the hell is FootGolf?

As the name suggests, this bizarre phenomenon is a combination of golf and football (or soccer for us Americans), but it’s more closely related to golf. What began in Europe is now gaining popularity across the nation. Golf like never before Simply put, FootGolf is a precision sport where players...
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Our top NHL fantasy picks

The elite of the elite. These players can make or break your fantasy roster. Scoop them up in the first round of your draft. 1. Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers A no brainer on this one. McDavid led the league in scoring with 100 points last season and is expected to...
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5 Overrated NHL Players

Every year, a star player underwhelms his fans with a mediocre point production, or just by being a liability on the ice. Here are a few of our favorites. 1. Rick Nash (New York Rangers) Recently, Rick Nash has had a habit of alternating good, nearly point-per-game seasons with mediocre...
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