The most terrifying deep-sea creatures you don’t want to run into

The most terrifying deep-sea creatures you don’t want to run into

Creepy statistic: we have explored less than five percent of the world’s oceans. That’s over 95 percent of creepy and horrifying water that no one has ever seen! What could be living there?

To make matters worse, in the five percent that we have explored, there are some pretty terrifying deep-sea creatures.

Here’s the worst of the bunch.

Frilled Shark

Introducing the frilled shark – also known as what nightmares are made of.

Humans have very few sightings of this beast because he enjoys spending his days 5,000 feet below the surface doing creepy things like swallowing its victims whole. It’s like the snake of the deep-sea, except it’s also a shark…so, double whammy.

Giant squid

For the longest time, the giant squid was thought to be a thing of legends, but plot twist, it’s real and extremely unsettling to look at.

Just like a regular squid but massive, the only real predator for a giant squid is the sperm whale. The two beasts are known for their deep-sea battles that often send the other to its grave.


A lot of people think the blobfish is a myth, but it’s real and pretty hard on the eyes.

Found at depths of over 1,200 meters off the coast of Australia and New Zealand, the blobfish has no bones and a really sad face. Because the water pressure where these fish live is a dozen times higher than at the surface, this fish has evolved to be nothing more than a creepy blob.

Stargazer fish

This fish takes terrifying to a whole new level, and it’s not just because its face is located on the top of its head.

Stargazer fish are a twisted creation of the deep ocean. Essentially, these fish bury themselves, leaving nothing but their eyes and mouth revealed to watch for prey. When fish swim by, they leap forward and eat them. Oh, and stargazer fish are also electric, so they can kill you with a shock.


You might recognize this fish from Finding Nemo and yes, it was horrifying in that film.

The anglerfish is one of the deep ocean’s most well-known hunters, mostly because it uses a fleshy growth on its head to lure prey, but also because its teeth are big, sharp, and scary.

Good luck sleeping

Now that you know what’s hiding at the bottom of the ocean, good luck getting a good sleep tonight! These creatures are really what nightmares are made of.

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