Pharma billionaire arrested for bribing doctors to prescribe opioid painkillers

Pharma billionaire arrested for bribing doctors to prescribe opioid painkillers

The pharmaceutical industry needs people to keep getting sick and they need new diseases to infect the human population. They need these things because they need to keep making money. The pharmaceutical industry is worth billions of dollars and no one wants to lose any money. That’s why even though there’s an opioid crisis that kills tens of thousands of people a year and was originally declared by Trump to be a national health emergency, they’re still pushing the drugs in any way that they can.

What is an opioid?

An opioid is a particular kind of drug that acts on the nervous system to help relieve pain. Morphine is an opioid for example, as is OxyCotin. Those are the two main ones that everyone knows, but there are many others as well. While these drugs do relieve pain, they’re also incredibly addictive. Many people who are prescribed them after surgeries end up addicted, and when their pills run out, turn to other drugs like heroin to feed their addiction.

A nationwide health emergency

Donald Trump declared the opioid crisis a nationwide public health emergency at the end of October. As Trevor Noah from The Daily Show explains, it wasn’t quite what Trump had originally promised he would do, but at this point, something is better than nothing, we suppose.

John N. Kapoor

The same day that Trump declared a national health emergency for the opioid crisis, John N. Kapoor was arrested. John N. Kapoor is the founder and owner of Insys Therapeutics and a pharma billionaire. He was arrested for allegedly leading a nationwide conspiracy to bribe doctors to prescribe an opioid drug to people who didn’t need it. Kapoor also allegedly conspired to mislead and defraud insurance companies. He was released on bail, had to surrender his passports, and has an electronic monitoring bracelet.



The drug that Kapoor and people in his company were bribing doctors to prescribe is called Subsys. Subsys is an opioid spray that was created to treat cancer patients in extreme pain. It’s highly addictive. It was discovered in the investigation into Kapoor that many people who were prescribed the drug didn’t have cancer at all.

The opioid crisis should be considered a national emergency. Too many people are being prescribed drugs that they don’t need and getting addicted to them. Should you find yourself in a doctor’s office for pain, ask if there’s something else he can give you other than an opioid.

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