Doctors share the most ridiculous patient stories

Doctors share the most ridiculous patient stories

Eating salad

One woman was doing her best to lose weight and wasn’t making any progress, so she made an appointment with a dietician. She told the dietician that she was having a salad with every meal, but that it wasn’t making a difference to her weight. The dietician asked her some more questions about her salad and finally found out that the woman wasn’t actually eating a salad at every meal. She would just place a salad beside her at every meal and then continue eating her regularly fattening food. The dietician then had to explain that she actually had to eat it in order for it to do her any good.


A young couple came into the ER incredibly worried and scared because the boyfriend had somehow torn open his throat. A doctor did an examination and couldn’t find anything wrong; however, since the couple was so worried he checked a second time to make sure that he hadn’t missed anything. Finally, he turned to the couple and informed them there was nothing wrong with the boyfriend’s throat. The couple insisted there was and pointed to his uvula. The doctor was completely shocked for a moment and then had to explain to the 20-year-old couple what a uvula was and that everyone has one. He then showed the boyfriend his girlfriend’s uvula to prove his point.


One doctor had a man come into his office and tell him that he had these black markings on his arm that just wouldn’t come off.  He had tried everything and he was really starting to get worried. The doctor asked to see the black marks and was shocked when the man showed him a tattoo. The man didn’t realize that tattoos are permanent and that these black marks wouldn’t ever wash off.

Seizures not heart attacks

One man had to get a new doctor and during his first appointment with his new doctor, the doctor asked him a series of questions to learn about his medical history. When she asked him if he had had any heart attacks he replied very calmly and matter-of-factly with “Oh yes, about 20.” The doctor was dumbfounded and asked him the name of his cardiologist. The man said that he didn’t have one and that his wife was a massage therapist so she just massaged him until the pain went away again. The doctor asked him to describe what happened when he started to get the pain, and he described all of the symptoms and experiences of a person having a seizure. The man had never had a heart attack before but was epileptic.

It’s incredible what doctors go through each day – not just with the number of crazy illnesses that they’re supposed to fix, but with human stupidity. Many of these patients (and so many others like them) are simply uneducated about their bodies and health, and that leads to unnecessary ER visits, and in some cases, patients

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