Doctors share the most ridiculous patient stories

Doctors share the most ridiculous patient stories

Doctors have seriously seen it all. They have pulled the strangest things out of people, experienced the weirdest family dynamics, and heard the most ludicrous stories. The following stories are some of the most ridiculous patient stories that doctors have ever heard.

Static shocks

When you were a kid one of the most entertaining things was to drag your socked feet across the carpet and then touch someone, giving him a shock. Static shocks are common in general, however, because oftentimes we give them to ourselves without realizing it. One doctor had to explain to a family what exactly a static shock was, and why he couldn’t cure it. They actually came into the ER because they were concerned, and left angry because they thought the doctor was a hack.


It’s incredibly important to read any and all instructions when you receive a new medication. When a doctor found out that his patient had an earache he simply prescribed her some eardrops. A week later she returned for a follow-up appointment and told the doctor that while the eardrops worked and her ear was feeling much better, the medication tasted completely awful.

A case of the crabs

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are serious medical problems because they can do harm to you and because they spread easily. Most people go to the doctor and get a prescription for an antibiotic in order to get rid of an infection; one man almost didn’t do that. Luckily he came to the doctor first to figure out what he had, but the doctor had a hard time convincing him that Raid bug spray would not get rid of his crab infection.


Teething is painful for babies and incredibly stressful for parents. It’s hard to try and make your baby comfortable when he has teeth growing out of his gums, but it’s something that all parents get through. One parent, however, didn’t think that she was going to be able to get through it. She went to the doctor’s office to ask the doctor to cut out the rest of the teeth in one fell swoop so she wouldn’t have to handle her kid teething anymore. The doctor, of course, said no.

Sex education is really important

One young married couple came into the doctor’s office because they were trying to get pregnant and hadn’t been able to. This is quite a common problem for a lot of couples so the doctor ran some tests on the woman. All of the tests came back completely normal. Then the doctor wanted to perform some tests on the man. He gave the man a cup and asked him to give a sperm sample. The man left and came back with a cup full of urine. Apparently, he had been urinating in his wife thinking that’s how you firstly, have sex, and secondly, make children. The doctor then had to sit down with these 30-year-olds and educate them about sex.

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