2017: the start of a frightening new phase of superstorms

2017: the start of a frightening new phase of superstorms

Meteorologists and other scientists are saying that 2017 is the start of a frightening new phase of superstorms. Nobody likes to hear about doom and gloom, but we can no longer bury our heads in the sand. Weather has been drastically changing over the past decade, and the rise of the superstorm is just further evidence of that change.

Is it really that bad?

Before you shrug this off as a fear tactic, you need to know that in recorded history there is nothing mentioned, ever, about the kind of damage that hurricanes Maria and Irma inflicted on the Caribbean islands over the past month. These two hurricanes were Category 5 hurricanes -the worst that you can experience. They decimated where they landed, and they landed six separate times, always at Category 5 strength. There have only been 33 Category 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic since we started recording them in 1851. Of those 33, 23 of them have happened since 1961, and 11 of them over the past 14 years. The storms are getting worse and we’re to blame.

Why are the storms getting worse?

The short answer is global warming and climate change. The main reasons for the increase in storms, and the power of them is because the ocean temperatures are rising. Hurricanes turn the temperature of the water into the energy they need to form winds. The higher the water temperature is, the higher the wind speed becomes, and the bigger the storm it produces.

The temperature of the planet and the oceans is increasing because of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We increase the carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels.

What you can do to help – yes, really

You may not believe that you can help stop the effects of climate change, and thus superstorms, but you can. Every time you do something for the environment you’re helping. Whether that’s using an energy efficient light bulb, or taking public transportation to work instead of driving, every action that you take matters.
What also helps is demanding that our public officials take environmental concerns seriously. As a voter, it’s your responsibility to ensure that our elected public officials are working in our best interests. A healthy environment is in everyone’s best interest.

Superstorms are on the rise. Our actions have led to this, and people are suffering because of it. We can no longer afford to avoid fixing the problem. Do your part to help the planet. It’s the only one that we have.

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