Sculpture war: Statue of dog peeing on “Fearless Girl” removed

Sculpture war: Statue of dog peeing on “Fearless Girl” removed

While many people love Wall Street’s “Fearless Girl” statue, some remain very unhappy about the sculpture.

One such person is sculptor Alex Gardega, who recently installed a statue of a small dog called “Pissing Pug,” aiming at the little girl’s left leg.

It’s not that he’s unhappy for what the Fearless Girl represents, and it isn’t a statement about feminism. Gardega told the New York Post the Pissing Pug attempts to intentionally convey what he feels is disrespect towards the original statue, “Charging Bull,” and its creator.

When Fearless Girl was installed on Women’s Day in April, it had a temporary permit as part of a campaign by mutual fund group State Street Global Advisors, to convince companies to hire more women in high levels in their companies.

She became an iconic figure, fearlessly facing down the Charging Bull which stood its ground since 1987. The bull was a symbol of America’s resilience after the crash of the New York Stock Exchange.

Gardega feels the Fearless Girl is downgrading the original sculpture and its intent, by changing its meaning entirely.

The Charging Bull creator, Arturo Di Modica, appealed to New York City officials to have the statue removed, calling it an advertising ploy. He’s even suing State Street for copyright infringement.

The Fearless Girl permit was extended after a petition circulated. It will remain until 2018. As for the “Pissing Pug,” NY1 News reports it was removed early Tuesday.

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