Rising Concerns Over Constant Surveillance

Microsoft sues the Government What is it about the internet that is so trusting that people are willing to store their private information there? Before computers, sensitive information such as social security, credit card details, bills, and medical history were all stored in a filing cabinet in your bedroom or...
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All Aboard the Boaty McBoatface

“Boaty McBoatface” wins online naming poll for British research ship. Its official, “Boaty McBoatface” has won. After asking the public for help on naming their newest ship, the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) in Britain got more of a response than they asked for. The campaign took off once the...
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Flash Flood Warning Continues in Texas

Evacuations continue after Governor Greg Abbot declares a state of emergency. CenterPoint Energy of Cypress, Texas reported Tuesday that nearly 6,500 customers were without electricity. After floods swarmed the southwestern region of Texas, Houston had a chance to recover Tuesday. Nearly a thousand homes are submerged. Even while in recovery,...
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