Hilarious images of George Washington giving Trump the middle finger

Hilarious images of George Washington giving Trump the middle finger

The majority of America was incredibly surprised when Donald Trump was named the election winner in the last presidential race. That’s probably because the majority of America didn’t vote for him, despite what he has falsely claimed. Since he has taken office Trump has done things that have left a lot of people incredibly upset – from his executive orders, his cabinet choices, and his actions. Despite all of the negative attention that he’s received, he’s claimed that he would have the backing of America’s founding fathers. One Twitter user didn’t agree with that.

The joy of Photoshop

Photoshop is an amazing tool; it can do so much, such as manipulating images. Manipulated images started making the rounds on Twitter of some of the portraits of the founding fathers showing Trump exactly what they think of him and his presidency.

George Washington

George Washington was the first President of the United States. He was also a general who led forces against the British during the War of Independence. He is an American leader and hero in every sense of the word, and many people wonder what the first President of the United States – the man who helped create this great nation – would think of Trump. Now they no longer have to wonder.

A Twitter user by the name @JaimsVanDerBeek tweeted out a series of photographs of different founding fathers and their reactions to Trump. George Washington is the first photo, and in his portrait, he can be seen giving Trump the middle finger behind his back. It might be one of our most favorite photos of all time.

The other past Presidents

There are three other portraits of Presidents in this photo series. One is the portrait of Andrew Jackson who is seen giving a Trump a facepalm while he talks on the phone. The next portrait is of Thomas Jefferson who is seen shaking his fist at Trump. The last portrait is of Alexander Hamilton (who did not throw away his shot) miming shooting himself. The sass that is conveyed with these photoshopped images is hilarious and makes fun of Trump for thinking that these other Presidents would ever be impressed by his actions.

It’s clear that Trump doesn’t have the respect that Presidents of the United States have typically been given. The main reason for that is because he’s an incredible narcissist whose actions show that he doesn’t care about the people that he’s been gifted in governing.

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