Yup, there’s such a thing as Japanese adult swaddling therapy and it’s weird AF

Yup, there’s such a thing as Japanese adult swaddling therapy and it’s weird AF

There are some things in life that you never think that you’ll ever write about; this is one of those topics, and yet, here we are. Apparently, in Japan, adult swaddling therapy is a thing and not just a thing, a therapy thing. It’s super weird.

What the h*ll is Japanese adult swaddling?

Japanese adult swaddling is essentially what you’re currently picturing in your mind right now. It’s where an adult is wrapped in a blanket, but the head is covered, so it’s almost like you’re in a womb. Apparently, the practice is good for relieving anxiety, stress, back pain, and postpartum depression. Whether it actually does any of that is anyone’s guess.

In Japanese, the practice is called Otonamaki and loosely translates to adult swaddling. The practice was started by a midwife to calm new parents who were afraid that swaddling their infants was harmful to them. The practice clearly took off and is now not just for new parents, but for any adult, and is considered a form of therapy.

Why would adults want to get swaddled?

Putting aside the fact that this is incredibly weird and that when you’re tied up in a blanket you look like some creeper from a horror movie, some people really like it. The blanket you’re tied in is supposed to hold you up, so you can just let yourself relax and let go. Once you’ve done that for a few minutes the person in charge of your therapy session then starts to rock you gently back and forth. It’s supposed to help you feel like you’re in the womb again. The next stage is to put different colored cloths around your wrapped up form and then you pick the one that’s most relaxing to you. Many people pick red because it reminds them of a womb.

Does it work?

There is no evidence to suggest that adult swaddling can do what it claims. It claims that it can help reduce your anxiety, pain, and postpartum depression, but there’s no scientific evidence for these claims. People do report feeling much more relaxed after one of their sessions, however, so it at least does that.
Japanese adult swaddling has been around for two years already, so even though it’s incredibly weird, it might be here to stay. It hasn’t picked up in North America really – mostly because it’s so strange, but it might down the line. You just never know what people will do, or agree to do, for their health.

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