If you’ve done any of these 7 things, you should be really embarrassed

If you’ve done any of these 7 things, you should be really embarrassed

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and we get embarrassed. However, sometimes it’s all on us and our actions. If you’ve done any of these seven things, you should be really embarrassed.

1. Spitting on people when you speak

“Say it, don’t spray it,” is a classic line uttered by nearly every kid to another at some point in time. We’ve all spat when we were talking and hit someone with our own spit. It’s deeply embarrassing for you and gross for the other person.

2. Forgetting someone’s name

It’s happened to everyone, but there are few things more embarrassing than when you’ve met someone more than once and you can’t remember his name, but he remembers yours. You end up spending the conversation in a blind panic trying to remember his name and wondering if he’s realized you don’t know it.

3. Toilet problems at someone’s house

This one is partially your fault. You obviously can’t help needing to go to the bathroom, but flushing is all on you, and if something doesn’t flush and you panic instead of saying something–also on you.

4. Not cleaning your dirty house when people are coming over

If your house is dirty and you have people coming over, you should be embarrassed. No one wants to hang out at a place where they’re afraid to sit down or touch anything.

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