Young boy’s brain scan is a warning to all parents out there

Young boy’s brain scan is a warning to all parents out there

One of the most important things that parents have to do when they have a child that’s crawling or just beginning to walk around is to baby proof their home. Most parents know to baby proof electrical outlets and cupboards, but baby proofing is so much more than that, as these parents in China discovered.

An accident

Chen Chen is a Chinese toddler who was doing what many toddlers and many kids do – he was jumping on his bed. It’s a normal activity and fun for the child (though not a good thing for the mattress). On this particular day, however, Chen Chen jumped up and on the way down managed to land on a ball that was on his bed. The toddler then slipped and ended up falling on the floor. Now, most parents wouldn’t be too concerned about this because toddlers do fall fairly regularly – especially when they’re still learning how to walk and navigate their bodies. But Chen Chen didn’t just fall off the bed and onto the floor; he also landed on a three-pronged plug that was lying on the floor. He fell so hard that the plug ended up going through his skull on the upper left-hand side.


Chen Chen’s parents were horrified when they realized how badly their son had injured himself and they got him to the hospital as quickly as possible. Doctors took immediate control of the situation and wheeled the tot into surgery. It took three hours of a complicated brain surgery for doctors to remove the plug from Chen Chen’s head. The surgery was successful, but doctors are unsure if Chen Chen will have any long-term permanent damage to his brain. They are cautiously optimistic though, so that’s a very good thing, probably the best thing that Chen Chen’s parents could have hoped for.

The importance of baby proofing your home

Chen Chen’s ordeal is a reminder to all parents, no matter where you are in the world, that it’s imperative that you baby proof your home properly. Obviously, it’s impossible to baby proof your home 100% and accidents will happen, but you can do everything in your power to make sure those accidents are few and far between.

How to baby proof your home

There are many different resources out there to help you baby proof your home before your child starts to crawl. It’s hard to know everything that you need to do when you’re a new parent. One of the tips is to get down to your child’s level and see what he can see. Is there something that he can pull off of a shelf? Is there something breakable near his reach? Is there something – like a chest of drawers – he might want to end up climbing, but that could fall on him if he tries to do so? Being able to see what he sees is a great way to start baby proofing your home.

The next thing to do is to go room by room and discover what needs to be put in a higher place and what needs to be locked away. Going room by room ensures that your baby proofing is methodical and that nothing (ideally) has been missed. You can also go online and find different household baby proofing lists that take you room by room so that you don’t miss anything. But, if you’re going to use a list, use it as a double check for the work you’ve already done. Don’t use it as the authoritative guide. Everyone’s home is different and there might be things in your home that aren’t on the list, but that need to be baby proofed.

Many parents will be able to baby proof the most common things, such as electrical outlets and keeping things in the kitchen locked away. There are other things that are considered baby proofing but are things that have to be done on a daily basis.

Daily baby proofing

There are some things that require daily baby proofing from a parent and they’re things that are probably quite evident, but that can never be neglected. For instance, you can never leave your child unattended on a changing table or on a chair, or essentially any place that he might be able to fall. It takes just one second for it to happen. This isn’t something that you can baby proof once and just forget about; it’s something that needs your constant vigilance.

Another instance is things like hot drinks. It can be easy to forget that your drink is hot and to just put it down when something else calls for your immediate attention. But it’s in those moments where your traveling toddler can reach up and grab your mug and burn himself/herself with it. Many children’s burns that hospitals see are from situations like these ones where parents simply had a moment of forgetfulness and place something down in the way of their curious child.

A third instance where parents have to always remain vigilant is any time their child is near water. Never leave your child unattended in a bathtub, even for a moment, because it also takes only a moment for him to slip and drown. It might seem dramatic, but it’s true. Children who have drowned or who have inhaled water and need to be taken to the hospital usually have done so because they were unattended while they were bathing.

Chen Chen’s accident can be considered a freak one. Not many toddlers fall off of their bed and end up with a three-pronged plug and cord sticking out of their head. However, Chen Chen’s fall is a wake-up call and a warning to parents that baby proofing is something that has to be done in order to keep children safe. It’s also something that has to be done regularly and routinely. Kids are curious little people and that curiosity can lead to trouble if a parent’s attention wavers even if it’s only for a moment. Learn from Chen Chen’s parents’ mistakes and ensure you baby proof.

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