Some of the weirdest fears people actually have

Some of the weirdest fears people actually have

Everyone is afraid of something. Many people have the same kind of common fears, such as spiders or other bugs. Many people have fears based on the experiences that they’ve had – such as someone breaking into their house after they’ve already experienced a break-in. There are some people, however, who have really weird fears, fears that you wouldn’t have ever thought about as being something to be afraid of.

Please be advised that there are pictures in this article about different things that people are afraid of. Please don’t read further if you have a phobia of something because we don’t want to trigger you.


Ablutophobia is the fear of bathing or washing. It seems like a really weird thing to be afraid of because you’re essentially afraid of water or soap, but it’s actually a situational specific phobia. Children and women are more likely to have it than men, and Europeans are more likely to have it than people from other countries. Since bathing regularly wasn’t common historically in European countries people actually became afraid of it and considered bathing too often to actually be harmful. Elizabeth I was actually one of the cleanest people of her time because she bathed monthly.


Papaphobia is a fear of the Pope. Yes, the Pope in Vatican City. Papaphobia is considered to be a specific phobia and is closely related to a couple of other phobias. There is the phobia of holy people or sacred things (Hierophobia), fear of church and organized religion (Ecclesiophobia), and fear of Saints (Hagiophobia).


Syngenesophobia is a fear of all of your relatives. We all have that one aunt or uncle that we avoid at holiday parties because we don’t want our cheeks pinched, or to explain for the thousandth time why we’re not married, but this phobia takes that to a whole new level. Like most fears, it’s incredibly irrational and is usually caused when there is some major family drama, like a feud that has happened within the family.


Decidophobia is the fear of making decisions. Unlike some of the other fears listed so far, this one is really hard to avoid. As soon as you wake up you have to make decisions: what to wear, eat, what time to leave, etc. This fear usually happens when someone has been given a leadership role that he doesn’t want or isn’t ready for, or if he’s given responsibility for someone (like a child or family member). Like any other fear people who have this fear tend to avoid it, which would definitely be challenging.


Pteridophobia is the fear of ferns. Yes, you did indeed read that correctly – the fear of ferns. It’s rather specific. No other kind of plant, just ferns. Obviously, this fear is completely irrational, but we couldn’t find out how one ends up being afraid of ferns. Clearly, something must have happened to someone to end up with this fear, but we just don’t know what it could have been.

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