Top 20 weird Guinness World Records

Top 20 weird Guinness World Records

There are some incredibly weird Guinness World Records out there. Don’t believe us? Check out the ones below.

1. The wealthiest cat

In 1988 Blackie became the world’s wealthiest cat after it inherited $12.5 million.

2. Largest swimsuit photo shoot

1,010 bikini-clad women posed on a beach, setting the record for largest swimsuit photo shoot.

3. Most Big Macs consumed

This record is held by an American man who has eaten 26,000 Big Macs over 40 years.

4. Crushing watermelons between your thighs

A woman holds this record. She was able to crush three watermelons between her thighs in 14.65 seconds.

5. Most straws stuffed in the mouth

The record holder stuffed in 400 straws and held them for 10 seconds.

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