The top 20 Pinterest fails on the internet

The top 20 Pinterest fails on the internet

6. Cake decorating

It’s always fun to look at the different kinds of cakes that people make. Some people are incredibly talented when it comes to cake decorating. Some people, however, do not have any cake decorating ability whatsoever.

7. Colorful pancakes

These are perfect pancakes if you need some color in your life, or if you’re celebrating Pride month. Well, the top picture shows perfect pancakes at any rate. The bottom picture shows someone’s attempt that seriously didn’t go very well. But maybe they still taste good?

8. Hardboiled chicks

Hardboiled eggs are a great source of protein, but after you crack the shell they aren’t that much fun to eat. The first Pinterest user changed that by creating hardboiled chicks. The second Pinterest user made a solid attempt, but it didn’t really work out.

9. Candy cane nails

Nail art is so much fun. Many people go to a nail salon to get theirs done, but some people are creative enough and talented enough to do it at home. Then there are some people who think they are when really they’re not.

10. String art balloons

String art balloons are one of those things that you don’t think you need until you see them. They just look so cool. It might be better if you buy them instead of trying to make your own.

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