Top 20 introverts who went to great lengths to avoid people

Top 20 introverts who went to great lengths to avoid people

6. Dead grandparent

One grandparent has died 15 times for his granddaughter. She’s used that excuse that many times in order to get herself out of different social engagements. It’s amazing that no one’s caught her in a lie yet.

7. Meetings

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to talk to people, like this woman. She had two meetings at the same time on the same day. She called both meetings and said that she had a conflict with another meeting and then ended up going to neither of them.

8. Borrowing something

One girl had asked her friend if she could borrow something and have her boyfriend pick it up. Her introverted friend said yes, but that she wasn’t home, but to come get it anyway. She was home though. She moved her car to the next street over and hid under blankets in the spare room until the boyfriend left just so she didn’t have to talk to him.

9. Amazon drop point

This one introverted man uses an Amazon drop point that’s across from his house so he doesn’t have to open the door and talk to a deliveryman.

10. Sitting alone

A woman was going to see a play and she was going by herself. She bought three tickets, however, so that she wouldn’t have anyone sitting beside her.

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