Top 20 introverts who went to great lengths to avoid people

Top 20 introverts who went to great lengths to avoid people

There are really two kinds of people in this world. There are extroverts and there are introverts. Extroverts love being around people and recharge themselves by being in the thick of things. Introverts usually don’t like being around a lot of people and recharge themselves by being on their own. Here are the great lengths that some introverts have gone to in order to avoid people.

1. Moved countries

This one is definitely extreme, but this introvert ended up moving to Japan for one real reason. The Japanese apparently don’t do small talk and don’t talk with strangers. This made Japan the ideal place.

2. Roommate problems

One girl’s roommate invited about 20 people over to study and so the introverted roommate messed around with the internet to make it super slow. Everyone got fed up and left for the library leaving the introvert alone in her apartment.

3. Language barrier

One man ended up volunteering for a position in another country because he didn’t speak the language. For him, this meant that he didn’t have to talk to his coworkers at all and for him that was bliss.

4. Home birth

One mother wins the award for the most introverted person because she gave birth at home with no one around but her toddler because she couldn’t handle being around people. That is intense. It means that she had a natural birth and she’s essentially superwoman.

5. Faked a seizure

One epileptic used his disease to help him out one day (if you’ve got it, use it, right?). His co-workers knew that he was epileptic, but to get out of talking to some people one day he pretended to have a seizure. Luckily, they didn’t call emergency services.

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